Mission Statement

The Austrian Center for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (ACIPSS) is an internationally recognized no profit, non-partisan research center, cooperating with the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz. Its focus rests on interdisciplinary research in the field of Intelligence, Propaganda, and Security Studies. More recently, the study of hybrid threats, terrorism, and radical ideologies has also become a recurring topic of its work.

Through academic excellence in analyzing historical and contemporary topics, ACIPSS has become an important provider of topical knowledge across all three dedicated research areas. The center can draw from a global network of experts and acts as a nexus between thought leaders from various backgrounds. A variety of formats, events, and publications offer opportunities for seasoned scholars, upcoming researchers, practitioners, and the interested public to shed light on past events, discuss pressing issues of today, and to share ideas on how to address the challenges of the future.


What we do:

Academic Research

ACIPSS successfully combines historical with contemporary research. We believe in the importance of understanding past events, their origin and continuing influence, as well as academic rigor in researching, analyzing, and interpreting current affairs and developments. This understanding allows ACIPSS to serve as an international and interdisciplinary link between several scientific communities and disciplines. We particularly encourage and support young scholars to join and contribute to this discussion.


Science to Public

Engaging with the public is one of our most important tasks: In times of increasing strategic competition, religious and cultural conflict, and pressure on democracies, science, and fact-based information, ACIPSS aims to inform and educate the public in the areas of Intelligence, Propaganda, and Security Studies.



Since 2007, ACIPSS has been publishing the bilingual (English/German) Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (JIPSS) twice a year. JIPSS follows a hybrid approach by applying academic methods and standards aimed at addressing academic circles while remaining easily accessible to the interested public. All contributions are subject to a refereeing process. Additionally, selected articles undergo a double-blind peer review, fulfilling highest international academic standards. Alongside articles concerning ACIPSS’ research fields, the journal also contains several other text formats; including editorials, interviews, reports, as well as book- and media reviews. Members of ACIPSS receive JIPSS automatically. Purchasing single issues and ordering yearly subscriptions without becoming a member is also possible: http://www.acipss.org/journalbestellung?lang=en


Education and Consulting

Based on our research and analyses, we offer advice and consultation to administrative, governmental, as well as economic institutions and entities.


Interdisciplinary and International Cooperation

ACIPSS strives to achieve further interdisciplinary collaboration through research, events, and teaching – in Austria as well as internationally.

The center is operated by the Austrian Society for Secret Service, Propaganda and Security Studies (ZVR-Nr. 465299752).