22. ACIPSS Conference: Reactions

22. ACIPSS Arbeitstagung (Morgen)

22. ACIPSS Conference (AM program)




Siegfried Beer on BBC Radio 4

Siegfried Beer features during one of BBC Radio 4’s most recent ‘Document’ broadcasts concerning Eric Roberts, a maligned field agent for Great Britain’s Domestic Security Service, MI-5 from the 1920’s until the Cold War who was
stationed in Vienna during 1947/48.

An exposé can be read here.

The radio program can be heard here (Beer’s contribution begins at 12:50).

JIPSS Vol. 9, No. 1/2015 available now!

ACIPSS represented for the first time at the conference of the Centre for Intelligence and International Security Studies in Wales

Since 2002 the renowned Centre for Intelligence and International Security Studies based in the Department of International Politics at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales holds a biannual conference under yearly topics. In 2015, at the 7th proceeding, the focus lay on “Intelligence, Public Confidence and Security”. This year ACIPSS was represented for the first time at the gathering in the picturesque Gregynog, a conference centre of the University of Wales, by MMag. Paul Schliefsteiner. The JIPSS Review Editor spoke about public perception and debate on intelligence in the age of Snowden and the reign of the “Islamic State”, a topic that was met with a great interest by the audience. A publication of an article, based on the presentation is planned by the organizers. You can read a report on the conference in the upcoming JIPSS 2/2015.

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Konferenz des Centre for Intelligence and International Security StudiesGroup photo of the 7th CIISS Conference (Paul Schliefsteiner No. 6 from the left)

Hall from farThe conference took place at the picturesque Greynog country estate.

Reflections on the 21. ACIPSS Conference, 12th of June 2015


Conference Report (Eng) 21 ACIPSS Working Conference Report

From left to right: Josef Lausegger, Duncan Bare, Jeremy Stöhs, Martin Moll, Siegfried Beer

From left to right: Jeremy Stöhs, Christoph R. Cede, Birgit Witamwas, Sabine Nachbaur, Siegfried Beer, Duncan Bare

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